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History of Pike Point Resort and Celebrated 90 Years in 2013

Pike Point Resort is located two miles west of Tenstrike, MN. The first cabin was built in 1923 and was the only resort on Gull Lake for 13 years. Hi and Ada Richardson came from Seattle, WA on June 22, 1922 and remembered crawling on their stomachs through the hazel brush and trees just to get a glimpse of the lake. The Native Americans at the time called the lake ‘Big Medicine’ because they felt it was good for their health to camp in the summer beside the clear lake. The original property purchased was approximately 80 acres.


Every year thereafter they added another new cabin until there were eight. Today’s Cabin 5 was the original lodge built used for serving meals to loggers and farmers. In 1939 they built the lodge structure that is still used today. Meals were served at the lodge for as many as 75 guests at one time. Ada and Hi often served the Rotary Club of Bemidji a complete dinner with fresh lemon pie for 50 cents a plate. It was originally built down by the lakeshore, but in the mid 70’s was moved up on top of the hill and placed on footings where it sits today with modern facilities. The Richardson’s cut and planed the lumber themselves for all of the cabin buildings and the lodge. They also made all the dining room tables and chairs which is still used in cabin 5 and furnishes the lodge’s seating today. The uniqueness is something to cherish.

The Richardson’s had their own garden, chickens and cows. Ada canned fruits and vegetables for the meals she served. Cloth linens were used at the dinner tables and water had to be carried from the lake for washing and cleaning. Food and ice were lowered into a box in the ground to keep cold until the lodge was built. The guests would get down on their knees to get their milk and meats out of the box in the ground.

Then an icebox was built in the new lodge for the cold storage. The original icebox is located in the lodge today.

Guests always wondered how this tiny 4’11”woman could possibly accomplish all the things she had done during the 50 years she owned the resort and still retain her pep and quick step.  

Cabins rented for $3.00 a day which included 3 meals a day and a boat. Minnows were 10 cents a dozen and boat rental was 50 cents a day. Fishing was fabulous back in those days just like it is today.

The Richardson’s would row across the lake to visit their in-laws and pick up a mess of fish. On the way back they would catch enough for their supper also. The lake was stocked from the Red Lake Hatchery and the Bemidji Hatchery…20 cans were put into the lake each year.

Hi Richardson died in 1943 and she, Ada, was remarried to Galen Lapp in 1952 and they continued to operate the resort cabins, but did not serve meals as she had done in the past. The camp was full each year with the cabins having the atmosphere of the ‘good ole days’. We continue today the ambience and atmosphere of the ‘good ole’days’ here at Pike Point Resort. OUR desire for you is to make a memorable vacation and a place you will always want to come back to and bring family and friends with you.

Ada and Galen Lapp recalled using the detachable row boat motor by Evinrude. That is what they were called back then. The motor was actually purchased for the resort from the Gibbons Store in Bemidji in the early 1920’s for about $50. Twenty flat bottom row boats were hand made of pine by Richardson and were still used at that time. Although the flat bottom boats are no longer here, Mr. Richardson’s handiwork is seen today throughout the resort.

The resort changed hands a couple of times between 1973 and 1979.

In 1979 Ron and Joan Yearling purchased the property. They had their work cut out for them with cabins needing work and updating. They loved the atmosphere of the log style cabins and the lakeshore of 1100’. It definitely was a reason to own this resort. At that time there was no running water to the cabins and only two of them had a sink. In their first summer season they only had one reservation to start with. The Yearlings raised 5 children in the home on the property. The resort continued to grow each year and new people started coming in. They modernized cabins with running water and bathroom facilities over the years. A shower house was built with heat and hot water. As of 2010, some really great people have been coming to the resort for over 40 years. Some have said that Ron would open up his arms to the sky and say, “I love this place”.

The log lodge still maintains the original furniture and a magnificent lake rock fireplace. Joan and Ron also had opened up a restaurant in the lodge for their guests to enjoy. It didn’t take long for the word to get out what great cooks they were. Their hospitality opened up their restaurant to anyone who came from all around the area.

Bathrooms and screened porches were added to some of the cabins while Ron and Joan owned the property.

Ron passed away leaving the resort’s operation to Joan to run. Being a widow and not having the talents of her husband at her side, Joan made the decision to sell the resort.

On January 29, 2010 Joan sold the resort to the present owners Scott and Sue Springer. Scott and Sue were excited about this great adventure and direction in their lives that God had given them. They knew there would be a lot of effort involved in getting the resort in tip top shape for the guests to arrive each year. They are living at the resort in the remodeled original home site on the property. Scott and Sue had been custom home builders for almost 30 years, so Scott’s expertise in the remodeling and building aspects of the resort was essential to the property. Working side by side all those years make them a great team today running the resort.

The first & second spring brought new floating docks to the lake with electrical hookups for the boats. One of the 80’ sections was placed down a staircase between cabin 7 and 8 for convenience for the guests. They do allow driving down to the main dock/beach area to access your boat also with parking spaces. It makes it great for those less ambulatory or handicap.

Cabins began to be lifted and leveled for the comfort and safety of our guests. New roofs were installed on 4 of the cabins by the spring of 2012. Cabin 5, the original lodge, in the spring of 2012 had a make over with new bathroom, new fireplace, kitchen, refinishing existing wood floors, pined walls with a 3 season porch added in 2016. Cabin 4 also in 2012 had a new kitchen, maple flooring, pined walls and in 2013 a new bathroom has been installed. Cabin 4's 3rd bedroom was made into a living room and added on a new thrid bedroom in 2016. Cabin 1 also has a new bathroom and bedroom in 2013.Air conditioning has been added to cabins 1,4,5,6 and 9 as of 1017.

New heaters, electrical and windows have also been part of the updating on the cabins. New changes are happening each year.

The RV sites at the end of the first summer had new electrical, water hose bibs and crushed concrete driveways and pads.

Scott and Sue have a vision for the resort and it includes all those great people who have made it what it is today; a place to bring family and friends, great fishing, enjoying outside activities, hearing plenty of laughter, gaining new friendships and building memories that will last a lifetime. We love this place. Guests are still invited to the Wednesday potluck fish fry.

We celebrated 90 years for the resort this spring-summer-fall 2013 and nothing would make it more complete than for you to come and vacation with us just like the ‘good ole’ days’.We look forward to celebrating 100 years in 2023.


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